The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted!!

One of my favorite internet-y t-shirts is still David Malki!'s "The Revolution Will Not Be Telegraphed" – for some reason my brain was stuck on variations of that all weekend.. "The Revolution Will Not Be Conveyed Via the Blades of the Semaphore Line!"  "The Revolution Will Not Be Transmitted Directly Into My Brain Via iBrain" Well you take it from there…

Also heads up – talented comics creator Gene Yang has a new website and blog.



  • Change is good and Danielle Corsetto looks to be mixing things up again for the cast of Girls With Slingshots this year. Today's is pretty funny.
  • I demand George Lucas hire Kevin Smith to adapt Nate Beaty's Life As A Wookie as the next Star Wars movie…
  • A series of sketches from John Allison – I actually like his looser, more dashed off work quite a bit although it only emerges in tiny bits in his finished comics.


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