The rich get richer and the old get older.

September 25th marked the 3rd anniversery for Silly Cone V, and while he’s not getting any richer, SCV creator Brandon “Scrubbo” Sonderegger IS getting older, as is his comic.

“I can’t believe I’m still doing this comic. It’s like some sort of brain leech clamped on and refuses to let me go! Must…write…scripts. Must…draw…comics…” quipped the ebullient Scrubbo. “Kill me now! Please God, let it end!” he added with a decidetly jaunty air.

Silly Cone V was recently added to the Keenspot lineup, bringing Scrubbo closer to his goal of becoming richer as well as merely older. But according to inside sources, he’s not holding his breath. “But I will if it’ll make the voices in my head stop” said Scrubbo, with an effervescent smile as he cinched a grocerybag tightly over his head.

When asked what can be expected over the next year in his comic, Scrubbo replied “I dunno. Prolly some lines and letters and stuff like that. Whatever. Can you hand me that gun?”



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