Rolling Monday Webcomic News and Views Update

Tom Spurgeon has a great interview with Daniel "Merlin" Goodbrey, creator of several interesting webcomics as well the infinite panel tool, the Tarquin Engine.

Brigid writes about the Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allen Poo (an unfortunately named comic in my opinion) which has a second print volume outThere’s an interview with the creators at Comic Book Resources.

Newsarama has a nice interview with Thomas Baehr who has a new comic on ACT-I-Vate called The End is Here.

Time to vote for the best editorial comic on science issues at this year’s Science Idol.

The Beat has the list of this year’s Xeric grant winners: Gary Scott Beatty – Jazz: Cool Birth; Marek Bennett – Breakfast at Mimi’s Doughnuts; Eroyn Franklin – Another Glorious Day at the Nothing Factory; Jason Hoffman – Mine; Jack Hsu – 8-9-3; Jenny Jaeckel – Spot 12; Dave Kiersh – Dirtbags, Mall Chicks and Motorbikes; Alex Kim – Wall City; stef lenk – TeaTime; Justin Murphy – Cleburne; and Felix Tannenbaum – The Chronicles of Some Made.


Erfworld artist Jamie Noguchi has started a sketchblog.

The Daily Cartoonist reports that Tribune Media Syndicate explained that was taken down after the company was not able to move the database away from a server that TMS no longer owned. The company is planning a “next iteration of the site,” but in the meantime, they’re directing traffic to and facebook to allow users to continue read and comment on their comic offerings.



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