Rose: Prequel to Jeff Smith’s Bone Series

I’m a big fan of Jeff Smith and really enjoyed the Bone series, even more so with the color version put out by Scholastic’s Graphix imprint.  Now Smith collaborated with artist Charles Vess to produce a prequel to the series titled Rose that chronicles the adventure of Rose and her sister Briar before the saga in the Bone series.  Originally published as a mini-series of comic books (you know… pamphlets!) it’s coming out this August as single volume from Scholastic (it looks very much like all of the other Scholastic Bone books).

I read Rose today — a very enjoyable tale on its own (especially loved Rose’s dogs in this story) and one that fits very well with the rest of the Bone universe.  Despite being a "prequel" I dont’ think it’s a book you’d want to read until you had read the rest of Bone itself, as it does give reveal several key facts way ahead of when you get them in the series itself (on the other hand if you read this without having read Bone, there would be a much different feel to it as you would not know ahead of time the treacherous path Briar chooses to take).  I hope to have a review or some other story on Rose later this month.


Xaviar Xerexes

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