Ryan North Joins Dayfree Press

Infamous webcomics author Ryan North has joined Dayfree Press. If you have not already experienced the comedic genius of Dino Comics, now is the perfect opportunity. As a member of the Dayfree collective, the man formerly known as Ryan North willingly remits any and all ties to an individual name, identity or personality.

In other news, our good friend Neil Gustavson has made the difficult decision to step down as the chief organizer and public face of Dayfree Press. Neil remains a dedicated member of the group he founded in 2003, and hopes that the change will allow him the extra time he needs to focus on his future comic projects and his Vault Distribution business. In Neil’s place, Sam and Fuzzy author Sam Logan will be taking up the reins of the group. Readers and artists alike can fully expect a period of intense creative interference and stifling authoritarian rule.