Sabertooth Games and Penny Arcade Partner for Card Game

Sabertooth Games announced that they were partnering with Penny Arcade to create a “Universal Fighting System (UFS)” game based entirely on characters from Penny Arcade. The card set is designed and illustrated by Gabe and Tycho and has everything from the “Divx” to Tycho’s “Really Big Word”.

In other card news, I’m not sure if John Allison has mentioned a date for the release of his Scary Go Round card deck but I definitely want one.

Xaviar Xerexes

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  1. Man, everybody’s gettin’ a card game or at least a card these days. Sluggy Freelance, Machall, Penny Arcade, Scary Go Round… hell, Keenspace used to have a “Which webcartoonist are you?” card thread awhile back, if memory serves

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