Sale on Side B Anthology

Rachel Dukes of publisher, Poseur Ink, writes:

Rachel Dukes from Poseur Ink here… We've run into a family emergency and need to liquidate our stock of books in order to make room for a family member to move in with us. (And to pay off debts in case further emergencies arise.) If you wouldn't mind, we would be forever grateful if you could make a small blog post and let your readers know that the books are currently 50% off ($5 and $11, respectfully). There's still about 300 copies of each book left, so we have a ways to go; but we need to get these out of our apartment asap.

There are more details at her blog here.

ComixTalk reviewed Side B here – it's a nice book with creators including Jeffrey Brown, Jim Mahfood, Box Brown, Lucy Knisley, Todd Webb, Joe Decie, and Mitch Clem.


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