Same Difference and Other Stories graphic novel

After gaining phenomenal popularity and critical acclaim online with, Derek Kirk Kim collects the stories that garnered him all the attention in the past two years with this handsome new collection.

Through a series of sensitive–and often hilarious–short stories, Kirk Kim, deftly explores the not-so-average twenty-somethings’ quarter-life crisis, romantic neurosis, and perhaps most refreshingly of all, Korean-American life. In September 2002, Kirk’s self-effacing wit, ear for dialogue, and meticulous art style earned him the Xeric Grant as well as an Ignatz nomination, two prestigious industry awards. Find out for yourself why Derek Kirk Kim is considered a stand-out among the new generation of cartoonists and a fresh new voice in Asian American literature.

“Rocketing out of obscurity in 2001. A powerful storyteller in 2002. No American cartoonist has more promise in 2003 than Derek Kirk Kim.” –Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics.

Sub-distributed by Alternative Comics.
By Derek Kirk Kim, Mature Readers, 154 pages, $12.00 US. ISBN: 1-891867-48-2.

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