This Day in ComixTalk: September 11th

This day in ComixTalk:

Faith Erin Hicks blogged about internal narration in comics; Platinum’s purchase of Wowio was still shaking out in the news (a year later and there’s still no evidence that Wowio has paid off all of its debts to creators and publishers.)

Platinum Studios filed for an IPO; and Phil Kahn posted video of numerous interviews he did at Connecticon with creators such as Chris Hastings and Kent Archer of Dr. McNinja and Rob Balder and Jami Noguchi of ErfWorld.

Jim Zubkavich announced the print version of his webcomic Makeshift Miracle.

Another update to Kris Straub’s meta-meta-meta webcomic Modern Humor Authority; an interview with Maritza Campos of CRFH!!!; a review of School Spirit.

Also from the forums, RanJado wondered about how to draw distinctions between comics’ readerships;

Jamie Robertson announced that he would stop working on his webcomic Clan of the Cats.  I’m not sure of the ends and outs of Robertson’s work status on the comic every year since than, but I’m happy to report that right now he is working on the strip (there’s an update today) and I think his work has gotten better every year.  Great strip full of of supernatural elements, adventure and relationships, all with really strong artwork.

James Kochalka won best online comic at the Ignatzs for American Elf.  He, however, did not accept his award in a gorilla suit.

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And Finally Monsieur, A Wafer-thin Webcomic.

Post-Turkey Day looks like slim pickin's for news but here's what we've got:

Not to stir the Most Read Project pot more (plenty of discussion in the thread on the subject of measuring webcomic readership here) but every webcomic host that publishes some kind of "popular" list is another potential data point for the project. This Drunk Duck list is described as "most read strips for the past seven days" (there is a second DD list for "story" comics):

UPDATE: I have to believe, based on a long tradition of Little Gamers mocking Comixpedia, that this strip was inspired by our recent discussion of measuring webcomics' audience size.


  • Lucid TV really deserves a spot on the Most Offensive webcomics poll we're running this month. Brutally-funny, medically-flavored comedy.
  • Michael LaLonde's Ornery Boy probably is the only webcomic featuring a zombie MC. Today's strip is one of the funnier raps he's penned for the strip.
  • Guest month at Todd and Penguin with comics from guest creators such as Jamie Robertson (Clan of the Cats), Phil Cho (Skinny Panda), and Paul Southworth (Ugly Hill).
  • If you changed the color of the splotch of lipstick red on Clango's chin and neck in today's Diesel Sweeties to black, you'd have Clango's evil twin brother Bango. Well it could happen!…


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