Serializer Is Alive!

Eric Millikin writes that relaunched today! New comics today include:

  • Jen Sorensen's "Slowpoke”
  • Rick Smith and Tania Menesse's “Shuck Stripped”
  • Spike's “Templar, Arizona”
  • Eric Millikin's “Fetus-X”
  • Tom Hart's “Hutch Owen”
  • Ryan North's “Dinosaur Comics”

Here is a full list of all the wonderful artists contributing to Serializer. It includes Patrick Farley with "Apocamon," Renee French with "micrographica," Sam Henderson with "The Magic Whistle," and Emily Horne and Joey Comeau with "A Softer World."

Publisher’s Weekly refers to many of serializer’s artists as “art comics favorites” and “critical darlings.” London’s Sunday Times has called serializer “high art,” and The New York Times thought some of our comics were “Well drawn and funny.” The Comics Journal found some Serializer comics to be “daring, entertainingly perverse” while The Guardian found artwork on serializer that “threatens to seriously tamper with one’s smug equilibrium.”


Xaviar Xerexes

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