Should Auld Webcomics Be Forgot?


Chris Baldwin is ending Bruno. This was a truly groundbreaking effort, one of the most comprehensive, mature works published in webcomics. The title character is a complex, fully-realized character that captures a great deal of the angst and concerns of life.

…I am going to be ending Bruno soon. I have just completed the final scripts, and although I may adjust them, or add additional strips, the current scheduled final strip is February 12th.

Over the last couple of years I have mulled over this idea (of ending Bruno) a million times, and on June 18, 2006 I finally decided to end it. At that point I plotted out the ending, although it has morphed and extended itself several times. I didn't announce it sooner because I couldn't bear to admit it to you all, let alone myself (I feel physical nausea right now as I write this). I also wanted to be able to back out if I changed my mind.

But I have now written the final sequences, and despite misgivings and sadness, I have never changed my mind that it was the right decision.


Wesley Green writes that Ambrosia Digicomics, his webcomics and blog hosting service, is almost done. Green must also have caught my post on journalist independence earlier this month as he writes:

There’s been a little news bite going around regarding a conflict of interest in regards to myself owning both Ambrosia Digicomics and Independent Propaganda. Honestly, I don’t foresee a conflict of interest ever happening. It’s not like I’m going to ask the reviewers who contribute to the IP site to just review web comics on this site, or anything along those lines. Hopefully making this public will put any slight rumblings to rest.

My original post was a general question (not an accusation) and it's been useful to me (even if boring to all of you!) to hear the range of answers provided.





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