SiP is Over!

It is a print comic but Strangers in Paradise, Terry Moore's magnum action comedy soap opera epic about two women with very confusing personal lives, has come to an end. Moore has self published SiP since 1993, and it is one of the most successful independant comics in print. Honestly, I'm a little broken up about it.

It is a testament to the medium we love that we can become so invested in characters we actually feel like we know them. Francine and Katchoo are almost my friends. I am going to wonder what they are up to now that Terry isn't giving me updates. That is powerful art.

How does this tie into webcomics? Firstly, there is a business angle . For a some time now Terry Moore has had two sides to his business, the pamphlet readers and people who read the compilations. THis is a model that could work for webcomics. If pamphlets exist primarily to create a reader base that can be springboarded of into graphic novel type publications, could not the web serve the same purpose, but with less outlay for the creator? Not a new idea, but not a bad one still, I don't think. The other tie in is that all us SiP fans need something new to help us rebound. Personally, rereading Questionable Content or YU+ME is helping ease the pain. Tell me what works for you.