Slither Gets a Makeover

Michael Dean is the creator behind Slither and Friends, an all around fun webcomic about a snake named Slither and a cast of woodland creatures.

We often do drive-by recordings for The Gigcast together and he's a very well spoken and intelligent guy. So when he sent me a press release about the revamping of Slither and Friends…well, I simply had to tell the world!

Slither Gets a Makeover – Michael Dean has gone and revamped his comic Slither and Friends!

The comic combines a nostalgic world of talking woodland creatures and thrusts it into conflict with the boisterous reality of our contemporary age. At the forefront, Slither – a creature of habit and modern convenience – finds that reconciling his love of the new with the legacy of his past is harder than he first imagined.

Slither and Friends updates three times weekly and starts its new run on March 19th, 2007.



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