Someday, All Comics will be Webcomics

Rick Marshall writes up his Comic Con experiences for ComicMix.

Newsarama interviews Clickwheel Editor In Chief Tim Demter about the new Clickwheel Comics Reader.  The reader is available for free from the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Garfield WIthout Garfield gets a book deal with Ballantine.  I’m actually shocked that Garfield creator Jim Davis is letting this go forward (and wondering if he is getting a cut of anything) but he’s already on record as being a big fan of the comic so it’s pretty cool that he seems to have signed off on this as well.

Ted Rall offers some thoughts on saving the newspaper business.  I don’t always agree with Rall but I’ve always been a fan of his uncompromising viewpoint he offers in his comics.  But I don’t know what he’s thinking about with advice to newspapers like: don’t be on the web; and charge more for the web than for the print version.  Doesn’t he remember that young people don’t buy the print version of newspapers?  Does he want to accelerate the implosion of the current newspaper business?

Here’s a thought.  Before the web, it made sense to combine everything a city newspaper did into one business.  But today, why aren’t people more seriously questioning the validity of combining (1) an ad agency; (2) content creation; and (3) a printer as a single business?  Maybe that just doesn’t make sense anymore?

FLEEN approvingly points to The System, an unusual comic using a limited set of icons (like the men’s room symbol!) for imagery.  It is definitely worth a read.

I had no idea that Rich Stevens sells Diesel Sweeties socks.



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