Space Shuttle Columbia Tragedy

I still remember the Challenger disaster fairly vividly: I was in second period, American History, junior year of highschool. The tragedy of the Columbia space shuttle breaking up this weekend is an all too real reminder of the frontier outer space still is, the grasp and risk of humanity and its dreams, and the heroism of every astronaut that typically goes unnoticed because we have grown to take their bravery for granted.

I’ve read Kochalka’s snapshot of the day and I’ll try to post other webcomics on point to this thread. Please add others not listed yet.

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  1. Being in England, my view of a lot of recent events has always been a little more skewed than most people on the internet.

    It’s very hard to determine England’s point of view about this. There are those who think that we should consider it the same as any other plane crash, those who watch the for the cries of terrorism, those who point at the public spending and budget shifts that will occur, and those who, in a similar fashion to 9/11, and in a similar fashion to myself, just… couldn’t connect with it, couldn’t realise it in their minds. We’ve not got a space program, never have had one. So it’s very hard, as a nation, to identify with the situation.

    The only issue I have had with someone about the affair was a person who held the former view from that list above, but added that because of that, we shouldn’t feel sorry. I nearly punched him. Whether it was one person or one hundred, whether the budget changes are justified or not, whether the politicians will spin it or let it rest, a loss of life is always sad. Just because the plane they were in was more expensive that a common 747 doesn’t mean they or their families deserve less sympathy.

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