Spring Break at Fort Webcomic-Dale News Roundup

Plastic Logic is a company reportedly working on an e-reader with a big size — 8.5 x 11 inches – a piece of paper but still thinner than a pad of paper with "a high-quality reading experience".  It looks like the earliest we’ll see an actual product is the second half of this year.  The first version looks like it will be grey-scale but the FAQ does say the company is working on a color version for the future.

Newsarama has an interview with Daniel Govar of recent Zuda winner Azure.

Smashing Magazine has some tips on how to replace Photoshop with the open source GIMP

The Noir Project is looking for new members

Webcomic Planet is having a contest — find the eggs on the websites of members of the Webcomic Planet collective and win a cameo in one of their comics.

The Bad Chemicals is single panel mayhem.  Often sick AND wrong it is nevertheless funny (say about 4/5ths of the time).


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