SPX Updates From Jane Irwin and Paul Sizer

BPM by Paul Sizer

I got a chance to talk with Jane Irwin and Paul Sizer at SPX this year.  Last year I'd had a great talk with Jane, but missed Paul.  Jane is the creator of two great Vogelein novels and the Clockwork Game webcomic.  This year it was great to talk with both of them for a bit.

I picked up Paul's graphic novel BPM (only a year after I'd meant to but SPX is a great reminder for that sort of thing).  BPM, visually is pure gloss, vivid colors, with interesting integration of photo-realism into the mix.  Sizer's sense of design is really strong — not only in the artwork but the whole sense of the book as a whole.  It's also a strong story with a really developed central character, Roxy.  So overall no question, I enjoyed this book, it's the kind of mainstream, uplifting tale that in any other medium would be the mainstream.  I will point out two things that made it less than perfect for me; one I didn't love the stretches of narration for Roxy's internal dialogue – I can see why Sizer went with it but I wish he'd used it even less and two, and I only say this in the high expectations for art I came to the book with, but there are a few panels where Sizer's anatomy seems off and took me a bit out of the story.

Where did I come by my high expectations for the art?  Well, for one thing Paul is the master of Warren Ellis' reboot forum over at WhiteChapel – Paul has come up with a number of wild reinterpretations of old D-level superhero characters that usually trump all other submissions.  Any number of them would be great to take and run with a full length story.  I actually asked him about some of the World War II superhero drawings he'd done and while he definitely had interest in the potential the prospect of researching the era for such a book seeming too daunting to want to pursue.  Part of that is Pauls' acknowledgment that Jane Irwin would never let him get away with making it up — she's a firm believer in getting the details right.

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