SPXPo Was Fun

Another year and once again I didn’t make it back to the Goats beer run after the Saturday session. I did spend a good chunk of mid-Saturday talking to lots of artists and buying a lot of books. Took a few photos I’ll try to throw up soon. Mostly had a great time looking for new cool stuff from new people and catching up with already known cool people.

I always feel a bit odd at these. I’m hardly worth anymore time or attention than the next fellow who steps up to buy something from an artist so I try not to push it too much. But since I’m playing this “journalist” gig still I’m pretty happy when people do give me some attention.

I actually talked a lot with Logan DeAngelis, one of the main drivers of PV Comics who passed on to me some news about what I guess I’d call PV Comics, phase 2. Very exciting stuff and if I understand it right a worthy evolution of the PV Comics site. I’m pretty clear that Logan was alright with me sharing the news with the rest of the world but you know what? Saturday Night Live is starting so you will all have to wait until tomorrow at least 😛


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