Starshift Crisis Changes Its Name?

The crew of the Fuseli has encountered a potential legal “Crisis” of its own. Starshift Crisis by Kristofer Straub, hosted by Blank Label Comics, is changing its name to Starslip Crisis.

Starslip Crisis has continued to do well in its first three months, with readership steadily increasing, necessitating the name change due to a prior use issue. But don’t change your bookmark just yet — you’ll want to keep an eye on both strips this week during the current storyline “Overdrive,” that will explain the change in SsC continuity.

Blank Label Comics is a webcomics collective of eight cartoonists.



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  1. You know, when I decided to name my strip “Townies”, I considered copyright issues. I’m not really too concerned about it, since the name mostly appears on links and book covers. (I had it on a few early strips but found it redundant) If I decided to have the comic go by the domain name, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal

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