StarStrikers celebrates its first birthday!

Action-fantasy comic StarStrikers commemorates its first year online this week. New readers are invited to check out the anime-stylized adventures of California’s fearsome foursome, as we head into 2004 with more adventure, excitement and humor than ever before!

Corinne ‘Megabucks’ Morrigan and her motley crew – the rebellious Darryl, arrogant Sylvia and noble Lowenstein – made their debut in comic form on January 6, 2003. In our first year we introduced you to our heroes as they continued their struggle against Verilon Corporation and the mysterious DarkSpectres. But who are the DarkSpectres, and how do they tie into the arrival of our little robotic alien friend, Lowenstein? You’ll find out in 2004! Plus you’ll discover how resident wild-child Darryl joined the team. It’s a tale that will keep you guessing, and shock you with its controversial climax.