State of Reading Webcomics

Time for another check on the state of reading webcomics — that is, how do you find, track and read webcomics these days (here's a link to last year's post).  Here's some options I'm aware of — let us know what you think and whether we need to add anything.

1.  RSS Feeds.  This is probably one of the most popular methods of tracking and reading webcomics.  With a web-based reader like Google Reader you can collect RSS feeds for webcomics and read them right in Google Reader.  Because they are RSS feeds, you get a feed that updates when the webcomic updates.  This is my primary approach this year.  Downsides for me are that it doesn't offer great organization tools (you can organize feeds into folders but that's about as much as I can make Google Reader do) and doesn't really help with discovering new work.

2.  A site that has a big list of webcomics.  You can set up an account, pick the webcomics you want to follow and it gives you a list of the comics that have updated.  Nice site but it's owner doesn't seem interested in adding to it or improving it. It has a goofy categorization system. I think there's lots of ways you could use this data to try and help readers find more webcomics to discover.

3.  Ink Outbreak (  I still don't quite completely get this one but with an account you can create your own list of webcomics to read and it gives you a thin frame at the top of your browser to navigate through your list of webcomics with the site.

4.  Comic Domination ( Okay, I know nothing about this one – it just came up on a google search.

5.  The Webcomic List ( Kind of old school but also lets you set up on your account a list of webcomics to read.  It lets you know when they've updated. Also has a pretty active forum community.

Also I remember something called Serializer or something like that from earlier this year but I can't find it now.



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