Straub Plugs Comixpedia But Is No Fan of Dalton Wemple

Dalton’s latest column uses PVP’s infamous Naked Jade gag as a starting point to bash on webcomics that use sex to “sell” the comic. I think the point is (although I’m not always sure Dalton has a point) that webcomics should be trying to explore sex in interesting ways, artistic ways. Not just slapping a sexy label on something – essentially retreading cheap sex visuals and/or jokes.

Straub of Checkerboard Nightmare says:

And further in (Comixpedia, not the ass), it starts to feel like these guys… do the ones writing the articles read any webcomics? I think they dropped the ball on this one. Among the opinions tarted up as fact, Kurtz is accused of sexing up PVP as a publicity stunt. I don’t even know where to approach that. Anyway, I guess the lesson is, if you use any sexuality or inappropriate language in your work, you’re a manipulative juvenile sellout? I guess some things aren’t allowed to be funny.

I’m actually a fan of PVP and liked that series of strips. No it wasn’t terribly original but it was mostly funny. PVP is a little like Full House (or whatever the hell that Bob Saget series was called) sometimes. That’s ok. I don’t know why Dalton picked up on it. I think it does illustrate his point although there are probably other examples with fewer redeeming qualities.

But Dalton thinks I’m kind of an ass so it’s not like he’d listen to me anyhow…


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