Subprime Webcomic Crisis!


I have no idea what that headline means.  I’m recuperating from knee surgery (!) right now which means extra-loopy posts for you.  We’re starting up our May issue which in part will include coverage of the Eisner-nominated comics in the Digital Comic category. First off check out our interview with Clay and Hampton Yount, the creators of Rob and Elliot.

And also a big thanks to our current advertisers: The Laugh Factory and the Learn to Draw the Human Figure anatomy course.  UPDATE – also thanks to new sponsor – the webcomic The Asylumantics.

Last – it’s still in beta but if you’d like to have your outside blog posts automatically appear at ComixTalk (the "no need to retype the hype" feature) post a comment here or email me with your comixtalk account and the URL of your outside blog.


Oh nos! Trouble in Orneryland?

From Diesel Sweeties: a well-executed but unoriginal joke about the unoriginality of loads of gamer comics.

Least I Could Do takes a swipe at a few other predictable webcomic creator cliches – here, here and here (link from Journalista!)

I can’t remember now, but somehow I stumbled onto Spanish language comic Oseano which looks good but I’ll need a translation (or more practice on my spanish) to follow.

What COMICS JUST STARTED in 2008 would you HIGHLY recommend?  Let me know!


The Scienteers have an interview with Nicholas Doan, writer and co-creator of Pray For Death.


WordBalloons has a review of Alexis Fajardo’s Kid Beowulf.  Fajardo got his start in webcomics in the early years – it’s good to see his work is still out there.


The Daily Cartoonist accidently links to Dave Kellett’s two year old interview with FLEEN but the comments are interesting including Kellett’s own update on his thoughts on syndicates.



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