Super Art Fight 7: Baldwin Versus Borkowicz

Super Art Fight 7

In June 2008, a new form of live entertainment was born. Titled "Art Fight", it placed artists head to head in a competition that was equal parts Pictionary and Pro Wrestling.  Now, two years later, the phenomenon known as Super Art Fight returns to their home base of Baltimore, Maryland for a FREE headlining event: SUPER ART FIGHT 7, Live at the Metro Gallery on July 17th, during Artscape 2010!

The event will feature four "art fights", 30-minute bouts pitting artists from throughout the world of comics, webcomics, roller derby and elsewhere.  The bouts start with a set topic given to each artist, and then every five minutes, new topics are given to the artists from "The Wheel of Death", a randomized topic generator, featuring suggestions from fans, cultivated at

In addition, live music will be provided between the matches by Baltimore based band Goodbye New Plans, DJ Sheephead will be turntabling during the fights, and Ross Nover and Marty Day will be providing live commentary.

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What's the card?

Main Event: Super Art Fight Championship
Jamie Baldwin (Champion) defends against Nick "Ghostfreehood" Borkowicz
Breakdown of the match available here:

Match #2:
Bryan Prindville vs. Michael Bracco
Breakdown of the match available here:

Match #3:
Jami Noguchi vs. Chris Impink
Breakdown of the match available here:

Match #4:
Kelsey Wailes vs. Chelsea Grose
Breakdown of the match available here:

All art generated over the course of the night will be available for purchase via live auction (so audience members can take home a piece of the action).

The main details:
When: Saturday, July 17th. Doors are at 7 p.m., show starts at 8 p.m.
Where: The Metro Gallery at 1700 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Admission is free, but it is a 21+ event.


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