T Campbell’s History of Online Comics

You ought to read the whole series so far (all 7 installments). Mark over at Furtive Explorations rightly points out that it’s not easy to find all of these stories on Comixpedia. I will try to work on that (and other complaints Mark has about Postnuke I think will be solved when PN .75 is released and we upgrade). Here’s a link to all of the stories (I also linked back and next installments on all of the History articles) which borrows some of Mark’s blog post. (Thanks el-marko!)

Part 6 of a continuing series by T. Campbell. Previous installments include: Part 1 (the Usenet Age); Part 2 (Dr. Fun and other Precambrian pioneers); Sidebar #1 (Suck.com); Part 3 (the Stone Age, including Argon Zark and Helen); Part 4 (the 5 Horsemen); and Part 5 (Big Panda and other extinct species).


Xaviar Xerexes

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