Tuesday’s Webcomic Is Full Of Grace

Paul O’Brien at NinthArt writes about product placement in comics.  Of course he’s talking about placing other people’s products in the work, not creating products out of the work, like Jeph’s Bomb the Blogosphere t-shirt.

There’s a new blog about webcomics in print.  Wow – it’s getting to where there’s so many webcomic blogs that you almost have to focus on a niche now.  This blogger, Mike Hull, Mike Rouse-Deane has some good entries so far – check it out.

Aleph reviews 5ideways by K. Fuhr (Boy Meets Boy, etc).

I think this guy is basically saying, "graphic n0v3ls are teh c001!" but in any event it’s a short read.

Notwebcomics, but hey it’s R. Crumb – a loooong interview with Terry Zwigoff that focuses a lot on his experience shooting the documentary on R. Crumb some years back.  Apparently a special edition DVD is coming out. 

Warren Ellis posted the script to Fell #1 in case you want to see what a script looks like. 

I don’t even know what this webcomic is about but how can you go wrong with a title like "Pre-history of the Wang." 

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Advice for Creativity

I’ve been reading Will Write For Chocolate since I discovered it this year. Debbie Ridpath Ohi is a working writer and her real-life experiences ground the strip with a kernal of truth. It’s not as funny or moving as a great webcomic would be, but it’s also new so there’s lot of room for Ohi to improve.

No question, however, that Ohi’s writing on the site about writing is interesting. Continue Reading

I’m Just Drinking..

NaDruWriNi took place yesterday. This is the “drink heavily, write speedily” one night tribute to Jack Kerouak version of National Novel Writing Month for those with neither the patience or sobriety for that more serious event.

I see that Eric participated. (And so did Wednesday). Occultio sorta did and Phil definitely did. Feel free to add links to your efforts, if you haven’t deleted it in a fit of mid-morning “omigodwhatdidiwrite” regret.

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Writers Block for Pete Abrams?

A revealing post from Pete Abrams about his writers block on the front page of Sluggy Freelance this morning:

Writers-block sucks! I’ve been able to avoid it pretty well for the last 7.5 years, but I might be falling into a serious one!

“Oh no!”

Now before any of you send me e-mail sending me a story concept or two, please don’t. First off, I don’t read ’em. Secondly, my e-mail’s still down. Lastly, I don’t need concepts. That’s not where the block lies! I have the stories and character development path down. It’s more along the line of finding a way to thread together events and thingies in humorous ways. And on the nights it occurs it blocks all strip production and results in long wasted days and horrible rushed artwork that screws up precision of expression and gesture. There have been a couple such comics since returning after the holidays, but a perfect example of this is Monday’s(1/17) comic.

End of Sunday: “Torg why don’t you trust us?” Next panel Torg ignores her and says “I’ll save the house, I have a plan.” Then on Monday’s comic I tackle the trust-issue insisted of the plan-issue. That effected the rhythm like a brick wall and hurt the humor of the strip. Throw in the rushed art and you have me going “All right, you Writer’s Block! You’ve gone too far!”

Interestingly, Abrams goes on to discuss a reader’s suggestions on how to improve Sunday’s comic and states that he will swap the last two panels to improve the rhythm of that strip. Continue Reading