News For Friday April 27, 2007


  • Newsarama interviews Kazu Kibuishi about Ballantine’s Flight spinoff, Flight Explorer. This anthology collects the Flight stories suitable for all-ages, aiming at a younger audience. What will this mean for the regular Flight anthology? Not even Kibuishi knows.

    NRAMA: Lastly, how does this affect Flight 5, if any? What plans do you have for the next volume? Is going the companion book approach the way to do future Flight anthologies?

    KK: Hmm… I’m wondering how this will affect Flight 5 as well. I suppose we’re about to find out! From its inception, the Flight project has been a series of leaps of faith, so I guess this is the next step. I’m just as curious as everyone else to know where it’s all going to take us.


  • Scott Ransoomair (VG catz) is creating the official Final Fantasy XI MMORPG comic Adventure Log. Seeing as how Square Enix is the copyright holder according to the published comic page, I’m guessing that he’s getting paid for it. We’ve seen similar arrangement before by Penny Arcade and PvP, I belive.


  • Dirk Deppey has a nice roundup of the recent developments in the Todd Goldman affair at Journalista. It covers the Cease-and-Desist campaign and the blogs that have removed their coverage (PWBeat, and Wired among other), the current livejournal meme and the effect of all this on Google search.


  • Technically this was the quote of April 24 I suppose and also found at Journalista. SLG Publishing’s Jennifer de Guzman blogs about APE.

    While there were a few people self-publishing their comics, there were fewer of them than in the past, and there seemed to be an even marked decrease in the charming photocopied, hand-stapled mini-comic. Last year, I either bought or was generously given several mini-comics or self-published comics (you can read about that here). This year — I bought two (one by Johnny Siu and another called “Fremont Girl”) and was given none. (Boohoo!) The assumption is that the do-it-yourselfers have moved to the web.

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News for Friday, April 20, Early Edition (UPDATED)




  • Pink Raygun wants your comics.

    Pink Raygun is now accepting webcomic submissions. We are looking for six female created webcomics to run on a weekly basis.

    What exactly is Pink Raygun? Apparently "[…] a webzine for the modern fangirl" accoring to their faq.


  • As noted yesterday by DJ Coffman, the nominations for the Eisner awards is out. Besides the Best Digital Comics category's strong lineup, there are a couple of familiar names sprinkled throughout the categories. Brian Fies, whose Mom's Cancer won the very first Best Digital Comics Eisner Award is nominated this year as well in the categories "Best Reality-based Work" and "Best Graphic Album – Reprint". Gene Yang's American Born Chinese is nominated in the "Best Graphic Album – New" category and Lark Pien's coloring in "Best Coloring". Svetlana Chmakova's Dramacon and Hope Larson's Gray Horses are nominated in the "Special Recognition" category.



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News for Wednesday, April 18, 2007 (UPDATED)

Wiki Watch




  • Can't get enough K Thor Jensen? Here's part one of an interview with him at The Daily Crosshatch.
  • The Believer interviews Scott Mccloud.



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Tuesday Mixed Links



  • The Daily Crosshatch has put up the second part of their interview with Raina Telgemeier.
  • The Comics Reporter interviews K Thor Jensen about the completion of his autobiographical comic Red Eye, Black Eye, which was originally serialized at



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Thursday News Links


  • It has been brought to my attention that the Comics Reporter’s list of the Top 50 Comics of 2006 contained more webcomics than I’d noted. French superstar Lewis Trondheim’s Les Petits Riens and Mazen Kerbaj’s Kerblog, as well as potentially two entries published by The Guardian by Joe Sacco and Posy Simmonds.


  • For Comixpedia readers who have been following Jon Morris’ Plea For Hand-Lettering there is an interesting thread on The Engine by Comicraft founder Rich Starkling which delves into a discussion on both classic lettering and the pitfalls of creative teams. Eddie Campbell also takes on the subject on his blog.


  • Kristoffer Straub, and a host of other notable creators, have attended the Emerald City Comicon. Straub was part of a webcomic business panel together with Brad Guigar (Evil Inc.), Robert Khoo (Penny Arcade), Scott Kurtz (PvP) and Bill Barnes (Unshelved. Unfortunately Straub found the panel somewhat disappointing.

    Emerald City was a great con, but the panel was a great… lame thing. The trouble was that we didn’t talk about much business, and the con-installed moderator was kinda like “so what’s a webcomic? What’s your favorite color?”

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Monday’s Late News Links

Miscellaneous News

  • The Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon, lists his pick for the best 50 comics of 2006. Webcomics are represented at #43 by Perry Bible Fellowship and #20 by Achewood.
  • The wedding between Kazu Kibuishi, of Copper (and various other things) fame, and Amy Kim Ganter Reman Mythology Sourcerers and Secretaries) was a glorious success according to a report by one of the McCloud daughters (sorry, not sure which one). Scott McCloud officiated at the wedding.
  • Newsarama has a preview gallery of the upcoming Flight vol. 4 anthology.
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    Thursday Linkorama


    • Publishers’ Weekly interviews Nicholas Gurewitch of Perry Bible Fellowship fame. Dark Horse, who seem to be keeping a close eye on webcomics lately, is publishing a hardcover collection slated for August with an initial print run of 10 000.


    • PW:The Beat has the pressrelease from IGN about their new venture selling downloadable comics from publisher Top Cow.

      Pricing for Top Cow Comics on Direct2Drive will be similar to the volume pricing offered for Top Cow’s recent Compendium collections, as well as and other trade collections. Top Cow’s backlist will also be offered through Direct2Drive, with material up to a year old available for download.


    • I was rereading the Time’s article on webcomics when I realized that Penny Arcade is now up to a staff of eight people, last figure I heard was five but that was a while ago. Not bad for a company whose core business is a three times a week comic strip and blog.

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    Wednesday Link Roundup


    • Newsarama interviews Kean Soo, creator of Jellaby which started out as a webcomics, but is scheduled to be published in print by Disney's "Hyperion for Kids" impring.
    • Comicsnob interviews Michael Poe and Hilary Hatch of Caffeine Angels Studio and Errant Story.


    • Zach Miller's Joe and Monkey has been picked up for online syndication by GoComics according to a recent news post.
    • Have you checked out the trailer for the Penny Arcade game yet? In a news post Gabe talks about the game, hinting that it will sell for less than $20 and be a RPG/Adventure.


    • Gene Yang's American Born Chinese continues to garner critical acclaim with a nomination for a Reuben awards.

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    Errant Story Donation Drive

    Michael Poe, creator of Errant Story, and his girlfriend(wife?) are experiencing some financial trouble that they hope to deal with by doing a donation drive.

    For those of you who missed the thread on the forum, Poe and I are facing some rather serious financial difficulties at the moment. This is largely because this month we have a lot of single-time expenses associated with running the comic, that the comic has not brought in sufficient income to cover. This is not something minor. In fact, what with various last-minute expenses and taxes and advance payments for conventions and the like (a breakdown of most of the payments needed can be found here), we have to pay out well over $10,000 this month!!

    Read on for quotation madness.

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