Thursday Linkorama


  • Publishers’ Weekly interviews Nicholas Gurewitch of Perry Bible Fellowship fame. Dark Horse, who seem to be keeping a close eye on webcomics lately, is publishing a hardcover collection slated for August with an initial print run of 10 000.


  • PW:The Beat has the pressrelease from IGN about their new venture selling downloadable comics from publisher Top Cow.

    Pricing for Top Cow Comics on Direct2Drive will be similar to the volume pricing offered for Top Cow’s recent Compendium collections, as well as and other trade collections. Top Cow’s backlist will also be offered through Direct2Drive, with material up to a year old available for download.


  • I was rereading the Time’s article on webcomics when I realized that Penny Arcade is now up to a staff of eight people, last figure I heard was five but that was a while ago. Not bad for a company whose core business is a three times a week comic strip and blog.