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First of all it’s a slow news day again. But second and more importantly be sure to check out the invaluable guide to freshly updated webcomics from Ash. And third and most importantly give these folks a hand (and feel free to add more in the comments) for providing some webcomic goodness today:

8-Bit Theatre
Alien Dice
All Grown Up
Badly Drawn Kitties
Bob and George
Bob The Squirrel
Calvin and Hobbes
Cat and Girl
Chopp Block
College Roomies From Hell
Comic Strip
Daily Dinosaur Comics
Dandy and Company
Diesel Sweeties
Dog Complex
Dominic Deegan
Dub This
Errant Story
General Protection Fault
Get Fuzzy
Greystone Inn
GU Comics
Help Desk
Its Walky
Jerk City
John and John
Kevin and Kell
Kid Radd
Least I Could Do
Modest Destiny
Off the Mark
Ozy and Millie
Planet Zebeth
Polymer City Chronicles
Purple Pussy
PVP Online
Real Life Comics
Scary Go Round
Schlock Mercenary
Sluggy Freelance
Taking the Bi-pass
The Adventures of Megaman and Link
The Creatures in My Head
The Dementia of Magic
The Lounge
The Pondering Monkey
User Friendly
White Ninja


Xaviar Xerexes

Wandering webcomic ronin. Created Comixpedia (2002-2005) and ComixTalk (2006-2012; 2016-?). Made a lot of unfinished comics and novels.


  1. Jesus H. Murphy, please tell me you don’t seriously censor the word pvssy out of Purple Pvssy. Isn’t that just taking this censor nonsense just a wee bit too far? It has been and continues to be a legitimate word for cat for centuries now. Yeeesh!

    Other than that I have no real idea what purpose this list is supposed to fulfill.

  2. I’m almost certain he did it for the sole purpose of getting a rise out of the authors of pornographic adult comics.

  3. There’s a censorbot built into Postpn. To tell you the truth I never paid much attention to it before. I’m kind of surprised that it doesn’t like ***** either. I’ll have to see how customizable it is.

  4. Heheheh.

    Well it is indeed one of my pet peeves mostly because of the way censor-swearing is employed. I find it a highly dishonest and self delusional form of communication.

    Everyone from my 6 year old daughter to my 68 year old grandmother readers the phrase “Go @#$@! off!” as “Go fvck off!”. We’re able to automatically fill in the blank and what we hear when we read that is the dreaded “f-word”. Nobody is left pondering what was being said there. Somehow people have convenced themselves not only is it somehow inoffencive to tell somebody to “go @#$@! off!” but it’s even socially acceptable to express that sentiment in that fashion.

    You see this a lot in the “little old church ladie” types (although it’s not age or gender specific). People who put on a pretense of being all prim and proper and always ever so civil, but when the chatroom/BBS conversation starts to heat up they’ll let fly with the “you’re a @#$@!ing idiot!” or “go @#$@!yourself!” and they honestly seem to think that they’re still these prim and proper monuments to civility and act as though they’re completely unaware of the fact that they’ve launched a barrage of the dreaded “f-word” upon another person and that the sentiment is perfectly clear and still carries the same sting.

    If you feel a situation calls for vulgarity then express that vulgarity. If you don’t think the situation calls for vulgarity then don’t for a moment think that by telling someone to “go @#$@! off!” you’re being any less vulgar, inoffencive, or hurtful than if you actually used the oh so horrible “f-word”. The only person you’re fooling is yourself.

    It’s like people who go around having ass-sex as the day is long and then still claim they’re virgins because “ass-sex isn’t really sex”. You’re fooling yourself. You may be having fun doing it but you’re fooling yourself none the less.

    @#$@!ing @#$@! @#$@!ers, @#$@! ’em all!

  5. First of all it’s a slow news day again.

    Well… I can understand if you guys are saving this for later…


    Use it. Love it. Don’t make me do actual reporting folks!! 🙂

  7. Okay, I did not know that. And the feature is right under my nose.

    Bowing down in shame, I prepare myself to be bare-bottom spanked.

    Now, I know you check the KSpace forums ocasionally, Xerexes, but like Ping said earlier, most people seem to neglect the load of information that goes there.

  8. Where else would you learn that advertisers frown on comics that feature Jesus having sex?

  9. Argh… spelling and typing errors gallore.

    I have a cold.

  10. Yeah, what’s the deal with that G? I would read that entire thread but it’s oh 15 FRICKIN pages long (and on Keenspace which always loads a little slow for me).

    Are advertisers putting you in the Howard Stern category now?

  11. Yeah it would seem so. Well not all. I’ve had one company express an interest in buying advertising space on my page. I’ll wait and see how that works out.

    I can’t help but laugh over the whole thing, although I do feel guitly about having cost Keen so much advertising revinue the truth of the matter is it should have been targeted ads on the NC17 pages to begin with. I just find the irony to delicious not to laugh. In the end I think it will all work out for the best. This gives me a little time without pressure to experiment with different advertising models. If I make any money Keen gets half. If I don’t then they at least get free advertising on my website.

    I’ve suddenly been getting a lot of traffic from ex-christian and atheist websites. If the traffic keeps up it looks like my readership will double from this bit of awkward publicity. This just adds extra irony to the situation. “Controverial” strip = ads pulled = more controversy = more readers = more pageviews = would-be-more adviews except… well… I don’t have any advertisers anymore.

    How can you not laugh at something like that?

    The only thing I’m really worried about is if I hit upon an ad model that really works for my comic we’ll have people all over Keenspace drawing pictures of mythical religious figures having marital missionary position sex for the purpose of procreation in hopes of getting the same deal I’ve worked out with Keen.

    It’ll be a cornocopia of copulating christs!

  12. I still have little idea what went on with you and Keen over content and ads but that post was pretty funny! That last line should be a slogan for GGW.

  13. You know… that would make a great slogan for my comic.

    Basically, in a nutshell, what happened is this.

    Burst (the ad network used by Keen for Space and some Spot ads) contacted Keen and said “That strip with Jesus having sex goes too far. You’ve got until 5pm to yank all our ads off that comic”. Keen quickly yanked all the ads off the comic. Chris mentioned that my comic is now sponsorless. I didn’t like the idea of sucking the bandwidth teat and not contributing anything to Keen (other than newsbox promotion) so I told Chris since some Spot artists don’t like running J-List ads and I don’t have any objections to running ads for that kind of service/site/product why doesn’t he run J-list ads on my site.

    Chris said he’d take it before the Keen Kouncil.

    At that point I realized it would probably be years before a decision was reached so I told Chris that until a decision is made by Keen on what to do about the advertising on my strip why don’t I take a stab at selling adspace on my strip and if there’s any money made I’ll split it 50-50 with Keen. If there’s an unsold adbox on my site I’ll use it to promote Keenspot that way even if I don’t sell any ad space at least Keen is still able to take advantage of the promotional power of a popular strip such as mine to plug itself. In the end it was win-win for everyone. Some money is better than no money. I’m compensated for my work. Anyone who is going to advertise on my site will know what they’re getting into. I’m free to experiment with different ad models without undue pressure to suddenly turn profitable. Keen’s free to impliment any advertising model they want to try. I might discover an advertising model that works best for all Keen’s NC17 comics. Keen still gets promotional access for Keenspot on my site. All this beat the alternative of sitting back and doing nothing. I asked Chris to make it an “executive decision” instead of taking it to the Keen Kouncil because otherwise we’d be waiting forever and my strip would be contributing absolutely nothing to Keen in the meanwhile which was not something I was comfortable with at all and I’m sure Keen was none-too-thrilled with that either. Thankfully Chris not only saw the wisdom in making it an executive decision but he also saw the wisdom in my proposal and we were both able to walk away from the agreement heads held high.

    So it would seem that there is finally peace between me and Keen and all it took was Aryan Jesus having sex. I’ve got more control over how the advertising potential of my comic is exploited and my earnings are based on my own work. Keen has the potential to make some money off my strip again and even if they don’t they’ve still got promotional access to my strip via my ad box. My fellow Keenspacers get to enjoy my ever so delightful company in the Keen Kommunity as well as all the traffic the Keenspace Newsbox generates from my site (now that Elf Only Inn is no longer on Keenspace I’m the #1 comic there and Keenspace’s biggest promotional asset).

    So the sun sets on an old era of fightin’ and fuedin’ between me an Keen and rises on a new era of partnership between Keen and Ghastly’s Ghastly Comic. Chris Crosby and I now join hands and frollic naked through fields of wildflowers, stopping occaisionally to pet small woodland creatures on their wee furry heads. Yes, it is a happy time.

  14. Ahhh, thank you for noticing I updated. 😉 Hehe.

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