Teaching Baby Paranoia Celebrates its 500th Strip

The webcomic Teaching Baby Paranoia —by cartoonist Bryant Paul Johnson—celebrated the publication of its 500th strip on Friday August 14th, 2009.

The long-running strip, which debuted in January of 2000, is a mélange of historical fiction and pseudo-academic nonsense, drawn in a classically cartoony style, and annotated with footnotes of dubious accuracy.

The 500th strip (link below), titled "The Henderson Gospel" is both an artistic and structural departure from the norm.

"I wanted to mark the occasion with something a little different; to stretch my legs a bit, aesthetically," said the author. “It was important to me to make this a special event. I’m planning on retiring the strip on its 10th anniversary, so this is a last hurrah!”

Teaching Baby Paranoia was part of Modern Tales’ launch in March of 2002. A complete archive of its five hundred strips can be found there at http://www.moderntales.com/comics/teachingbabyparanoia.php

For additional information about the strip, contact the cartoonist or  visit the cartoonist’s website at http://www.tragi-comix.com/tbp


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