Tech and Comics

A few stories from the corner of copyright and catastrophe:

Amazon is getting a lot of grief over its ability to mess with content on your Kindle – the recent deletion of 1984 books being the main flash point.  I would think comics, with its history of hysteria and censorship from the government, would think carefully about this kind of blowback from DRM (digital rights management) schemes.

The A.P. is planning to try and charge for "illegal use" of its articles.  Other people call this "fair use" so I’m a bit dubious as to A.P.’s plans.  Also following the A.P.’s logic they may owes all of the subjects of their articles money for appropriating their news…

Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired, has a new book out called Free about new business models involving free stuff.  Definitely of interest to webcomic business-minded folks.  And not so surprisingly — you can read Free for free.


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