Technical Rodeo… Get Along Lil’ Webcomics!

If you didn’t realize I am an awful headline writer by now….  A lot of interesting technical type articles today…. Webcomics being in the middle of the VENN diagram of comics and DIGITS…  I am apparently tweeting this article?

Anyhow in bigger than a phone, smaller than a laptop news, Barnes and Noble is going to sell NOOK, their answer to Amazon’s KINDLE. The buzz is also getting louder about Apple’s alleged iTablet.  We’ll see I guess.  And the Chicago Sun Times has an article/interview on LongBox, a digital comics reader. I’m withholding judgment until I find time to try it out.

The Graphic Novel Reporter has a roundtable on PIRACY and comics…. it is an AGE OF DIGITAL PIRACY!!!

Last but not least is this article from SEED magazine on the rise of authorship in the world.  Not comics-specific but given the high rate of creative participation in webcomics, I thought you might find it interesting.


Xaviar Xerexes

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