“Teen Boat” Debuts at Modern Tales Longplay

Teen Boat by John Green and Dave Roman debuts on Modern Tales Longplay today.

Here’s what Shaenon K. Garrity, the editor of Longplay, has to say:

This month’s Longplay feature is one of my personal mini-press favorites: Dave Roman’s and John Green’s Teen Boat. It’s the story of a normal teenage boy… normal except for one thing… his ability to transform into a BOAT! A small yacht, in fact. Imagine all the nail-biting, hair-raising adventures available to a boy who can live the dream of being a boat! Go ahead, imagine!

Okay, there really aren’t that many. But if you click below, you’ll be transported, through the power of the Internet, to at least one such adventure. And there are pirates in it. Yarr!

Teen Boat is just one of the dozens of projects that make artist John Green and writer David Roman the two busiest men in comics. They also collaborate on the comic book Quicken Forbidden, which features a heroine in glasses and flannel. Green writes, colors, and produces comics for Disney Adventures magazine, letters comics for Nickelodeon Magazine, and does freelance illustration. Roman is a comics editor for Nickelodeon Magazine, writes and draws minicomics, and has contributed to such comics anthologies as Not My Small Diary and 911: Emergency Relief.


Joey Manley

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