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 The Little Prince Adapted by Joann Sfar

Beyond catching up on The Walking Dead series, I got a few more books in the mail I thought I'd mention.  First I got a review copy of a comic adaptation of The Little Prince by Joann Sfar, which is the classic tale by Antoine De Saint-Exupery (due for release October 18th).  It's not exactly the imagery I had in my head, but it's whimsical and expressive work.  I'm about halfway through my read.  Once I finish the whole book I'll be sure to put it on the pile of books to review (working my way through that!)

A bit more odd I guess (interesting in a different way) is I, Superhero, which is a book by Mike McMullen, published by Citadel Press.  It looks fantastically amateurish — the cover is a picture of McMullen stuffed into a white long-john suit with a word bubble of "We wear tights so you won't have to" — it is just… odd. The subtitle is "My journey into the world of real-life superheroes, spandex, and sex (okay no sex, that was just to get your attention)." I decided to flip through it convinced it would be rubbish but now I'm not so sure.  The chapter with the "real life superhero" — "Geist" was a bit endearing.  I can't say McMullen in interviewing him for the book really painted a full picture of him but for the most part he presented him sympathetically.  Not entirely though — McMullen throws in snark at Geist's expense from time to time.  Really McMullen seems to have some issues with his own love of superheroes and geek-fu, his sarcasm seems to unintentionally sneak up on himself in his writing sometimes.  I'm much less interested so far in the chapters that focus on McMullen's own purported desire to become a real life superhero himself.  Right now though is another chapter about someone else – the "real life superhero" known as Master Legend.  I'm going to see if I stick with the whole book before mentally committing to giving it a review.


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