Thursday Morning Blogging

Scott McCloud mentioned the Comixpedia face-lift.  Generally I think we got a lot of overall positive feedback o­n the site from readers but not a lot (meaning almost nil) of notice from the emerging blog-o-sphere:comics.  I suppose this blog, in part, is a way to try and interact more with this cool new conversation o­n the medium taking place o­n the web.  Scott also mentioned girl-a-matic cartoonist Spike just got married.  Unlike Ms. Spears let's hope Spike stays happily married for more than 24 hours.Pathetic Geek Stories leaves the o­nion and sets off o­n its own little website.  These are of that young and cringe-worthy genre of diary comics.  Still they can be quite good in a sort of Barry-esque way.Four Color Hell the comics blog with the coolest name, limps back to life.  Johnny Barcardi just joined the group effort, so that should be worth watching.  I'm a poor judge of many comics blogs though and I'll tell you why.  I, like almost every other American male who had at least a certain threshold of geek-factor, went through a comic book phase.  Read Marvel, DC.  Luckily got ahold of American Flagg, so that was cool.  But than got bored of the soap-opera-ness of the Marvel and DC books and stopped.I got into comics again from webcomics.  And have enjoyed many of the fine quality comics o­n the Internet since.  It has even led me back to reading comics in books (no, not superhero books and no I don't venture into comic book stores anymore).  So I feel sort of up to speed o­n what I like and at least a passing familarity with what's good right now.  I have no familiarity with what's bad or mediocre.  And I don't care.  I also have (outside of that brief period where I read comic books) zero familiarity with the history of comic books.  And you know what, I don't care.It's history folks.  Let's just treat comics like any other subset of written fiction for a moment, okay.  I'm a reader – I like to read.  So I'd be happy to read the greats of the past and I've read a few of those comics (Watchmen, of course, who hasn't.  Several collected editions of Peanuts are well-worn).  But 90 percent of the past of the comic book industry gives all outward appearance of being crap and I just have little interest in discussing it.  Same goes with the present.  X-Cousins?  Superman Red?  Ultimate New Fantastic Four? Make up as many titles as you want DC and Marvel.  Unless it's actually compelling as a story – a stand-alone story – I'm not interested.  I recognize that many others don't require this – it not o­nly explains many DC and Marvel comic book lines but also the continued success of the Tom Clancy factory-of-monkeys-typing line of books.


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