Thursday News

Over at comixpedia dot net the top list has a new number one today: Multiplex by Gordon McAlpin. (btw one of my favorite recurring characters in McAlpin’s webcomic is blogger critic guy – last seen here.)

New BLC podcast wherein Dave and Kris ramble about webcomic book collections.  Listen up!

Penny and Aggie Co-creator T Campbell announced that there will be a  book: The Best of Enemies: A Penny and Aggie Collection. Campbell and co-creator Gisele Lagace are holding a "Fanstuff" contest and will award a signed copy of the book and sketch to the creator of the best Penny and Aggie-derived "games, icons, fanart, Photoshoppery, fanficiton, novelization, poems, filks, essays, mp3s, audio performance, video performance, animation, sculpture, cosplay, clubs, conventions, humor, MiSTing, origami…"

The DC Conspiracy is another group of DC-based cartoonists.  It’s members are more print-oriented, but they have set up shop with a webcomics nation account. The most recent update there – to Ataxia Overdrive, a webcomic by Evan Keeling – looks good.

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