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Thursday are best spent lost in a good book. But first the webcomic news!

Or not-webcomic news. There’s a trailer for V is For Vendetta up. Creator Alan Moore dumped on the project in an interview earlier this year, but it can’t possibly be as bad as LXG. Can it?

There’s a NY Times article examing whether Amazon’s practice of listing used versions of books alongside the new version hurts or helps its overall sales of books. I’m not sure how exactly but it struck me that this parallels somewhat how some webcomic creators have elected to put out both online and print versions of their comics to their own benefit.

Tom Spurgeon catches that Peter David is writing a book on writing comics (Peter David Wikipedia entry).

Apparently, ConnectiCon has raised over 30,000 dollars in its Save Ferris!Connecticon donation drive and will be able to pay off the debt incurred from this year’s edition.

Scott McCloud links to Wondermark which is an interesting spin on the clip art style. The art consists of Victorian Age clip art (although unlike some strips it does vary the clip art from panel to panel). The writing is very sharp. Stan LeeXerexes says “Check it out!”

And the Omaha Funksters are looking for new webcomics creators to join their collective.

Excelsior! Party On! Hasta La Vista! Wakka Wakka Wakka! I got nothing…


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  1. Weird… I just finished Something Rotten earlier today.

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