Todd Goldman Letter to FLEEN

Apparently Todd Goldman just doesn't understand how PR works.

Fleen is reporting that they have received a letter threatening legal action if FLEEN doesn't take down "certain comments and disparaging remarks that are posted and housed on your website (…" and "articles posted on your website which contain defaming, derogatory and malicious statements about Mr. Goldman".

Fleen is also saying Mr. Goldman has sent similiar letters to other sites that reported on the recent copyright violation debacle. (Comixpedia has not received any letter at this time).

I am going to guess this news post here is the one Mr. Goldman is worried about over at Fleen. I don't know what Fleen is going to do about this, and I support them whatever they do, but maybe the community should make some noise about this too. The hipster/geek crowd Mr. Goldman depends on to buy his gold plated bread has alot of overlap with our crowd.

Viva Fleen! Viva Gary Tyrell! Down with overly dramatic art thieves!

UPDATE: The letter is purported to be penned by Andrew "Drew" P. Felix, an Associate of the Florida law firm Shutts & Bowen LLP. Mr. Felix does exist, apparently if one can believe what one reads on the intertubes these days.


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