TokyoHigh comes to Modern Tales!

Modern Tales, the leading publisher of subscription-based webcomics, announced this week that TokyoHigh, a new series by cartoonist George Panella, has joined the lineup of its flagship website New episodes of the manga-influenced series will appear on the site every Tuesday and Thursday. Like other Modern Tales comics, the latest episode of the series will be free, but past episodes will only be available to subscribers.

George Panella’s TokyoHigh is a story about a not-so-popular Japanese high school student named Eito who meets a human girl born and raised in space by aliens named Kana. The innocent Kana has a mission to carry out by her alien parents, but she falls in love with Eito and wants nothing more than to stay on earth. Will their love prevail? Will Kana ever learn the right way to wear her clothes? Find out for yourself in this light-hearted full-color comedy.

“We’re thrilled to have TokyoHigh coming to Modern Tales,” said Modern Tales publisher Joey Manley. “Our editorial strategy at is to develop the ‘new mainstream’ for comics — to find and promote comics that can appeal to a larger cirle of readers than the typical circles one usually finds. You know the typical circles I’m talking about. There’s a small one called ‘mainstream’ and another smaller one called ‘alternative.’ There’s the circle of manga readers and the
circle of webcomics readers and so on and so on. We’re looking to draw a circle larger than any of those, that includes all of them — and TokyoHigh is an important step in that strategy.”

Born and raised in New Jersey, George Panella has been involved in graphic art since the early 90’s. Having worked with the likes of Visa, AAA, Nike and Howard Stern, George brings his experience in design to his comics. Having
recently started his own entertainment company, RazorStudio, you will often find George burning the midnight oil to help publish the newest creations from other up-and-coming artists as well as his own work.

When asked about the meticulous coloring and design he is putting into TokyoHigh, George had this to say: “I’m trying new things with TokyoHigh as I work to balance production time with quality. You may see my style shift a little as time goes on but I hope the artwork will always help enhance the enjoyment of this cute and romantic story.”

“My stories are not about science, green aliens or giant robots. I’m more interested in the people behind these events. The human soul is a deep and moving story in itself and what happens in life just comes and goes. I hope you will see this in TokyoHigh.”

“I was really flattered and surprised to get an invitation to be on Modern Tales. I’ve followed this company from the very beginning and I’m really excited that I can finally be a part of the team and bring my creations to the subscribers to enjoy.”


Joey Manley

Joey Manley (b.1965–d.2013) was the author of the novel The Death of Donna-May Dean (1992), entrepreneur, and founder of Modern Tales and WebcomicsNation.