Too Much Time On My Hands News Updates

Theater Hopper smacks comedy-gigolo Rob Schneider around. Do you suppose Schneider will write a letter of complaint to Tom Brazelton too?

Sam Brown has a new hardcover book out to commemorate the fifth anniversary of his webcomic, Exploding Dog. Thinking Of You contains 140 comics in color selected from the archives of Exploding Dog.

Scott McCloud points out that Neil Von Flue has reworked one of his webcomics, Halcyon Redux – Last Ditch, with the Infinity Canvas software. The results are here. In addition, an updated version of the Infinity Canvas software was released this week – be sure to upgrade!

Ryan Estrada is still making comics in his quest this week to complete the first 168 Hour Comic. If you’re a fan of Ryan’s work be sure to also check out some items he’s auctioning off this week including the original pages to two comic notebooks: Biking to Burma and Road to Cambodia.

Now this is the way to settle a webcomics feud: Penny Arcade and PvP have organized their World of Warcraft-playing fans into affiliated guilds (Knights of Arcadia and Panda Attack respectively) and are fighting it out virtually every night.


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