Just another day in the home office in itstoodamnhotville…

It will be a sad day in Mudville when Scary Go Round steps up to the plate for the last time.  Even John Allison is getting verklempt.

Awhile ago Warren Ellis put out a call to creators to post about their webcomics at his Whitechapel forum. A long list ensued – much good stuff there, some of it new to me!  From there I found Border Crossings a suitably strange story but one with promise.  I can’t tell if the two stories so far are meant to be interlocking or not but either way it has a creepy, odd tone — both the art and the writing.  Definitely interesting so far.

Also reading Mister Crimson which has art very like Howard Chaykin’s The Shadow comic book.  Actually the plot is a bit like putting The Shadow into the future.

Cartoonist Bob Flynn talks about the tools he uses making comics.

Reuben Bolling incites his fans to vote Tom the Dancing Bug to the top of the Rankopedia’s list for best comic ever.  As far as lists go this is one of the most naked popularity contests I’ve seen in awhile.  I doubt Bolling is doing this out of anything other than a sense of fun and irony.

Kind of an interesting site – 30 Day Artist – features an artist each month making 40 pieces of art on the site.

Is Chris Hastings’ dog (name: Commissioner Gordon) the cutest dog in the world?  


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