Tuesday Lunch Hour News Roundup

Bomb Shelter Comics is having a contest – to enter you need be a member of their forums and send in your version of the BSC logo. Winners get a Leftville t-shirt.

Clickwheel has a post on the "sound of art" which considers the question of music in comics. Didn't we have an issue on that recently? 🙂

Sparkneedle archives are now free (formerly only available to Girlamatic subscribers).

Digital Strips looks at the rotating cast of artists on the webcomic Pet Professional. Are there really four artists on that strip now? Wow…

It's been one year since the founding of Blank Label Comics.

New Peter Bagge webcomic on the "war on drugs" at Reason magazine. Cranky middle-age libertarian goodness!

Kris Straub is working on a second Starslip Crisis book and his webcomic has just hit the one year mark as well.

Fleen checks into Owen Dunne's My New Mommy webcomic. It's ending. And Fleen thinks Dunne's website navigation is confusing. Most of what Dunne has done is pretty hilarious IMO.

Tom Spurgeon rounds up reports on the recent BookExpo America event in Washington DC.

Gluemeat celebrates various Canadian holidays. I wish we had Muffin Day in the states too…

The Bone website has been redone and now features a blog from creator Jeff Smith.

And in notwebcomics news: Dorothy Gambrell's band is playing at the WYSIWYG Talent Show this evening.

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