Tuesday Morning News Round-up

Fleen interviews Dave Kellett (syndicated creator of Sheldon).  Fleen also wrote recently about Kellett’s latest print collection of Sheldon comics.

Eric Burns is commenting on the kissing and the hair at Shortpacked.  Creator David Willis apparently has included Eric and Wednesday White in the current story arc.

The Outer Circle celebrates it one year anniversary with a week of guest strips from Ali Graham (HOUSD), David Buist (Taking the Bi-pass), Tyson Smith (Pirate and Alien), Frank Page (Bob the Squirrel), Joe Dunn (Joe Loves Crappy Movies) and d!o (John & John) among others.

Joe Zabel has a new article up at the Webcomics Examiner exploring a theory of introverted and extroverted webcomics.

The Comics Worth Reading blog recommends checking out Spark-Tower Wilson’s Silent Song by Jeff Coleman and Stephen Greenwood-Hyde.  CWR notes that "it’s cool that they’ve captured the texture of paper underneath the art" and points to this interview with the creators as well.

Digital Strips notes that Keven Volo (creator of PixelSrips) has taken on the daunting task of putting together an eBook on how to market a webcomic dubbed "Marketing Your Comic"”. Many artists and creators are using the web to get their work out there. They create something, they build a site and upload all of it, and wait. Just because you post your work, doesn’t mean they will come. Part one of "“Marketing Your Comic"” is out now as a free download at his website.

Webcomics collective, Hyena Comics which includes Taking the Bi-Pass, Bob the Squirrel, and Bored and Evil is currently looking for additional webcomic(s) to join. If you are interested, visit and submit your webcomic for consideration.

Boot_Error released it’s first book which collects the first 102 webcomics and includes a 12 part exclusive storyline entitled "The Case Of The Missing Panda".  For more details, visit this page.


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