Tuesday Morning Update

Morning all. Not much in the way of news this morning (If you’ve got news, an announcement, blatant hype–send it to us) but a few interesting bits (read on for the news). You may have noticed that the new design is slowly, slightly changing. That’s not a sign that it wasn’t done yesterday – it’s because of the dimensional vortex created by Chris Crosby’s cover this month.

Last chance to vote for what happens next in reader-directed webcomic King Wasp.

The Polymer City Chronicles celebrates its ten year anniversary this coming March. “585 strips ago, Dr. Otto and Andrah appeared on the web as the first video gaming webcomic to be published on the Internet.”

Was PCC the first video gaming webcomic? It seems like it might be given when it started.

Sequential Tart has a story on David Wise’s (Wise is best known for his work on the original animated adaptation of Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic)latest comic effort, The Almost Legendary Shannon which will be published in Japan, then in the U.S.

The Tart also reviews two webcomics this month: Coppper and No Need for Bushido.

Pink Slip is about unemployed Bob. Real life unemployed graphic engineer (what is a graphic engineer?) Bob Conroy is creating the strip (which is a good idea for a comic strip although I’m sure others have done the “unemployed” angle before) but I couldn’t find it online despite this article suggesting that people had seen it online. (Link from The Comic Reporter)

Egon reports that spousal super-teammates, Jessica Abel and Matt Madden, will co-author a “comprehensive guide to creating graphic novels.” The pair have signed with Mark Siegel at Roaring Book Press to publish the book.


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