Tuesday Night News Update


  • Scott Kurtz (PvP) will be one of the "Special Guests" at Comicon 2007. Great for Scott – not so bad for webcomics overall either.
  • D.J. CoffmanD.J. Coffman quits the Daily Grind contest (yes that's still going on…) and says big news is coming tomorrow (Wednesday). Plus, braggadocio… (Also looks like Coffman is taking guest art comics for an upcoming week. Deadline Oct. 31st – more details at his site.)
  • Chris Ware did several comics for the New York Times and now they're running in the Independent. Check out the archive here at their website.
  • Another collective of creators: The Chemistry Set.



  • I hadn't realized it but Concerned, which parodies the storyline of the game Half Life 2 (and uses the game itself to generate its art) is going to end soon. It's a very funny comic. Since I've played (and loved) HL2 it's hard for me to judge whether or not a non-player would like it but the creator Christopher Livingston is a very funny writer.


I got way behind on webcomics during my summer hiatus and I've been using the bookmarking at Piperka.net to catch up and to explore new reads. I just noticed I've got a hella lot of webcomics on my Piperka list. Here's a few highlights from the last few days or so:

  • I'm also a fan of Home On The Strange. This one, although at the end of a somewhat average storyline (making fun of pretentious yet awful artists isn't the freshest of grounds), is great at how it builds little bits on top of each other to a funny punchline while also adding a little more flavor to each of the two main characters. Or maybe not but anyhow I liked this one!
  • Scrubbo (Filthy Lies) is doing a parody of the television show Lost. I don't watch the show actually but probably everyone else does so go check it out!
  • Okay I don't have this on Piperka but Packard Jennings makes some damned funny subversive comics. Check out A Day At the Mall and Business Reply Pamphlet (both NSFW).



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