Tuesday’s Webcomic Is Full Of Grace

What’s going on today? It’s a balmy 110 on the heat index where I’m at (but it’s a wet, sticky heat!)

Aaron Hildebrandt notices an interesting trend involving webcomic alter-egos and real life romance.

M.E.Russell is helping out a good cause by selling prints of a comic he did about a local soccer team supporters crew. Read the Culture Pulp update for more details.

Madreric reports his webcomic, Madgoth got accepted by Keenspot but reading his blog post it sounds like he’s talking about Keenspace Comic Genesis.

And one more Comicon photo set – this one from the Little Gamers “1 Love Tour” of California which includes way more than just Comicon (Comicon photos start here). Looking at Mr. Madsen I’m thinking Jason Lee for the movie version.


Xaviar Xerexes

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