Ubercon 2003: Goats and a Homicidal Lop Rabbit

Pete Abrams, the, creator of Sluggy Freelance, will be at this year's Ubercon, held from the 14th to the 17th of February at the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel just outside New York City. Abrams will be holding a number of events, including discussions and seminars on drawing and being successful in the webcomic trade and the official release of the Sluggy Freelance CCG 'Get Nifty', created by Rob Balder of PartiallyClips.

Also known to be turning up at the convention are Jonathan Rosenberg and Randy Milholland, respectively of Goats and Something Positive.

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  1. Yeah, we’ll be there. We have a table, we’ll be whoring merchandise and signing body parts. Balder somehow managed to convince the Ubercon coordinator that we’d be a valuable addition to the Webcomics panel on Sunday at 11:00, so we’ll be there as well.

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