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January is going to be like one of those "this ol' haus" shows on PBS or TLC  all month long as I patch, prod and pull apart things at the site.  I didn't get a lot of feedback to my blegs from you lot on what you like or dislike here at ComixTalk so I'm left to my own devices which is…usually a mixed bag in terms of results.  But let's have fun with this, shall we?  I'll be putting up notes on site status to keep everyone on their toes updated on developments.

THESE RIDES ARE CURRENTLY NOT OPERATIONAL: auto-importing of blogs ; new user sign-ups

A surprisingly big story – Brad Guigar's sudden move of webcomics.com to a pay wall has been chattered about all week.  Brigid Alverson does another good job of rounding up all of the talkingFLEEN interviewed the Guigarster where Brad describes the number of subscriptions purchased so far as “For a non-porn site, encouraging."

One wrinkle to this story is that there were third-party articles published at Webcomics.com — for those authors who want a non-pay wall home for those articles, give me a buzz (tweet xerexes or xerexes AT gmail) – ComixTalk would probably be a good home for them.

Webcomic Marketing looks like a decent site that's been updating for a bit now.  The most recent post provides a Convention checklist from the creators of Steam Crow.

Drawn! points to this video demonstrating the "theoretical" Mag+ e-reader; Gizmodo covers the Skiff e-reader.

Dan Goldman launches a new webcomic, called Red Light Properties at Tor.com. Robot6 describes Red Light Properties is a "tropical-horror series" about a real estate firm in Miami Beach that cleans and sells "previously-haunted homes" to people who've lost their houses to foreclosure.

Brilliant twist on Calvin & Hobbes all this week from Scott Kurtz at PVP.  What a great start to webcomics this year.


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