Unicorn Jelly Books a Fan-Made Effort

The Mundis Society of Letters, in association with Accursed Toys Inc., is pleased to announce that Unicorn Jelly: Volume I_, the first half of Jennifer Diane Reitz’ science fiction graphic novel, is now available in print.

The “Unicorn Jelly” saga first appeared on the web at unicornjelly.com on September the 5th 2000. Beginning as a cute fantasy comic about a small round horned creature and the little witch who cared for it, the story quickly progresses into a complex science fiction epic. The witch Lupiko and
her creature, Uni, found themselves joined by a crew of misfits, working to save their universe from succumbing to the grave errors of past generations.

The universe of “Unicorn Jelly” is both strange and alien, but it is rationally detailed, with highly unique and carefully constructed physical
laws. Taken together, both volumes run to well over three hundred pages of strips, footnotes and explanatory appendices detailing the creatures,
chemisty, metaphysics, societies, ecologies, languages and mathematics of one of the most unique worlds ever to grace fantasy or science fiction.

Jennifer Diane Reitz is a 43 year old game designer and artist, working with such companies as Electronic Arts, Interplay, Epyx, and Activision since 1986. In 1992, she co-founded her own company, Accursed Toys, and also assisted in the formation of the ‘HappyPuppy’ and ‘Otaku World’ websites. She and her family live in Washington state where they are presently
operating Radio KGHO Olympia, 920 AM, and Radio KYA Ocean Shores, 100.1 FM.

Volume I of “Unicorn Jelly” is currently available for pre-orders on the Internet at toys.com/ujbook/ in black and white ($12) or with selected pages in color ($17) (plus postage). Volume II is expected to be completed soon.

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