Updates at Chris Mills’ Supernaturalcrime Dot Com

A bunch of new features are now posted at SUPERNATURAL CRIME: Digital Comics & Pulp.

FEMME NOIR MEETS BROTHER GRIM! The special super-short (2-pages) SUPERNATURAL CRIME strip by Mills and Dario Carrasco (aided and abetted by Jim Keplinger & Sebastian Lamirand), “Crossover,” is now (re-)posted in the “Comics” section. This brief tale chronicles the explosive first meeting between Port Nocturne’s Blonde Justice and the Undead Avenger. Check it out!

NEW & IMPROVED NOIR! While Mills waits for new episodes of “An Eye For A Spy” to be completed, Mills has been continuing to re-letter and slightly revise the first FEMME NOIR comic story, “Cold, Dead Fingers.” Now, the first TWENTY-TWO episodes have been “remastered” and are ready to be reviewed by our ravenous readers.


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